Every day we strive for balance and purpose in the development of each child by integrating arts, culture and world languages. Throughout our day, we may sing, play instruments, draw, paint, and move, all of which support the holistic development of each child. Within this, we value and acknowledge each individual's strengths, and encourage children to stretch themselves to explore new realms. 

Our program runs in 4 seasonal sessions, each with a seasonal focus, lending itself well to nature and seasonal crafts in preparation for the family festivals. A fall lantern walk, a winter spiral walk, a March puppet play, and a spring ceremony have been part of our past festivals. New this coming school year - we will add a May Faire and Peace Ceremony on May 1st!


Our K - 3rd grades integrate art and music into the daily rhythm. In addition, we offer German, wet-on-wet watercolor painting, seasonal and nature crafts, and Movement Arts class as part of our week. The Village Thursday class offers a variety of enriching experiences on a rotating basis such as handwork and fiber arts, yoga, Ojibwe language and culture, cooking over the fire, poetry, painting, puppetry and drama, music and more. Let us know if you have a talent to share!